The People Who Make it Happen


Lead Designer

Jeromy's passion for architectural design and building started as a child helping his father build their first home. His early years as a carpenter-builder found dis-satisfaction with generic house plans, so he decided to go back to school and learn architectural home-design for himself.

He created an early niche with mountain-home, timber frame, structures where his reputation grew by designing house plans on challenging hillside lots. Now he incorporates a plethora of home design experiences to every project. From a basic rambler to a mountain lodge, to a contemporary villa, Jeromy does his "homework" and loves the challenge of bringing ideas into a budget conscious home design.

Although his niche is with custom homes, his continuing education resides around "Green-Home Building". These are homes with a smaller carbon footprint, utilizing alternative forms of energy and function into the architecture without compromising modern amenities.

email: Jeromy@wgvhometouch.com

Mobile: 530-863-7238



Jane's passion for design and functional living started from her elementary years as she designed tiny communities for her small toys and Barbies. She has always loved the feeling that comes when home is created. This desire to create the perfect space grew from Barbies to clients and dollhouses to beautiful homes.

Not only is she passionate for design, but she is also the social butterfly that is truly attracted to connecting with people. She thrives helping her clients, turned friends, bring their imagined ideas to life.

Her professional career started when she teamed up with Jeromy in 2010. Her incite with interior design (materials, colors, textures, and functionality), along with architectural design are the "Cherries on Top" to an already great plan.

email: Jane@wgvhometouch.com

Mobile: 530-863-7239